Legal basis of Establishment


Article 41-2 (Establishment of Korea Foundation for the Traditional Architecture and Technology) of Act on Cultural Heritage Maintenance, etc.

  • (1) To comprehensively and systematically perform the following projects for the promotion of traditional building preservation technologies, Korea Foundation for the Traditional Architecture and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") shall be established under the Cultural Heritage Administration:
  • 1.Collection and conservation of traditional building frame materials and other materials, etc., and inspection, research and exhibition thereof;
  • 2.Management of supply of and demand for traditional materials, expansion of supply, and assistance to commercialization;
  • 3.Inspection and research of traditional management technologies and vitalization of succession thereof;
  • 4.Repair of cultural heritage (limited to where the importance and difficulty of repair of cultural heritage is high, which is prescribed by Presidential Decree);
  • 5.General supervision or responsible supervision specified in Article 38 (2);
  • 6.Inspection and research of traditional buildings in North Korea and assistance for preservation;
  • 7.Projects entrusted by the Administrator of the Cultural Heritage Administration or the heads of local governments;
  • 8.Other projects necessary for the objectives for establishment of the Foundation.